UAV Aerial Photo/Video Tips: Make a list & check it twice

ChecklistChecklists are a simple and effective way to help you prep for your shoots.

Include elements for pre-operation prep, load up, on site setup, return, and post shoot closeout. This will help ensure you have all the required gear prepped and don’t miss a critical item when the rush to get on site comes.

Include items for gear preparation, charging lipos, filing for permits/NOTAMs, through to obtaining shot lists, site scouting, to the final backup of footage and billing of the client.

Keep it to one page if possible and carry it in a clipboard along with other operation specific notes for quick reference as you lead up to, perform, and complete a shoot.

Making a printable template that you can customize for each job makes it quick and easy to produce.  Include extra blank space as well for last minute items you may need to add.

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