UAV Aerial Photo/Video Tips: Know your limits

uav-limitsBefore you set foot on location be sure you know your limits on what you feel comfortable and safe in doing with the UAV. This includes weather and location specific limitations & elements as well.

The pressures from clients on a job can be high and it is easy to be pushed outside your comfort zone.  On a production set is not the time to try out new maneuvers. You want to make safety the first concern over getting the shot. Trying something new and unfamiliar can quickly derail things and put both your gear and people at risk.

Make these limits clear to all involved beforehand so they can plan their shots accordingly and there are no last minute surprises. The client may not be familiar with aerials from UAVs and thus don’t know the boundaries they can work within.  Providing them with this information can help everyone involved in better planning for the shoot.

Be ready to stand your ground if you have concerns, but also be ready to suggest alternatives as well, Giving an option that is safer is better than no shot at all and may meet the clients needs and merely not been something they considered.

Having a team versus a one man on location can also help with the pressures; it is easy for even a simple shoot to get overwhelming with trying to fly, shoot, and manage expectations.  Being part of a multi-person crew allows for each to focus on their specific part of the operation, and also adds extra safety and a buffer from client pressures.

Use free time at a safe location for getting the hours in practicing until you feel comfortable with any new moves or techniques. This includes practicing coordination and communication with your team, so you become a well oiled unit when on the job.

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