Network Rail’s Peter Ellis: ‘UAV technology is the future for rail surveillance’

Another interesting use of drone technology within established industries. I think a big part of the growth of the UAV sector will be in applying the technologies into these established sectors.


Peter Ellis, is the Principal Engineer within Technical Services, the central engineering department for Network Rail. He is responsible for the design, and development of technical and safety assurance programmes. His latest presentation at the The commercial UAV Show,  shed new light on how the rail industry is using unmanned technology, and why it will play a crucial part in the safety of their work force.

We caught up with him after his discussion to find out why UAV technology is signalling big steps forward for the future of rail surveillance;

How is UAV currently being applied within the rail industry?

Over the past twelve months, Network Rail has been investigating UAV technology and its potential. Primarily to improve work force safety, in particular those working above height – so for those who perhaps need to abseil down from railway viaducts, or  from scaffolding –  it can also…

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