UAV Aerial Photo/Video Tips: Behind The Scenes

Photo 2014-08-28, 10 54 28 AM (1)When out on location be sure to take time to get photos and video of the behind the scenes of your shoot.

Highlight your gear, team, setup, procedures. etc.  This material makes for great marketing promotional material as well as to show potential clients. Documenting the process can go a long way in explaining your services to potential clients and investors.  It also gives you material to keep your website and social channels current and fresh.

It can also help document your processes and procedures for post operation review and in the event any issues arise requiring you to backup what may have been done.

During pre-operation location scouts be sure to photograph the location as well as this will help with the planning phase, giving you a reference for elements on the site that may need to be avoided or worked around for operating safely, mapping out setup and safe zones.

Be sure to get release permission from the client before posting any materials, as there may be factors impacting what and when footage can be made public. Some areas may not allow for photos to be taken or have usage restrictions so always get permission first.

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