Reporting UAV Issues in Canada – CAIRS

30-11-2014 8-44-11 AMWith any industry there will be regulations and rules and with them people that will decide to skirt them to try and game the system for their own benefit.  Some will honestly not be aware of the regulations and the first step should always be to educate and inform,  but for those that willingly break the rules the industry needs to take an active role in helping manage and safeguard. Those operating outside the laws may not be a direct impact on your business, but incidents that they may case could easily lead to tougher regulations for all.

Transport Canada provides the Civil Aviation Issues Reporting System (CAIRS) system for reporting concerns/complaints/suggestions as they relate to civil aviation and UAV usage:

The Canadian Aviation Incident Reporting System provides you with a means to raise issues (concerns, complaints and suggestions for improvement) to Transport Canada. It is a tool to anonymously report any suspicious aviation activity, such as illegal or unsafe use of any aircraft.

The more specific the details about a perceived contravention, the easier it is for Transport Canada’s enforcement officials to process the report.

If you suspect someone has committed a criminal offence, please contact your local police department.

With the rapid growth of UAVs there will be more and more people getting into the hobby and trying to make a business from it.  The more we as an industry can educate new members as well as the public and clients the more healthy an industry that will evolve for all.


  1. I just got back from Nanaimo, BC. In Duncan, I wandered into an RC shop. After chatting with the employee for a while, we got around to drones and he mentioned that an organization in Nanaimo was looking to purchase a decent drone (Phantom 2 or better, I presume) in order to film a crowd at an upcoming summer event. At that point I gave him a business card and told him what I do, And then I told him the regs, He had ABSOLUTELY no idea of the regs in place for UAV’s. A hobby shop!
    His eyes got wider. I told him to go to my website and hit the TC link for the regs.
    Why do I believe they will still do it? Because the hairs on the back of my neck tell me so.


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