Terminology: UAV

UAV F550UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.  Commonly referred to as “drone”, particularly by the media. May also be referred to as UAS (Unamanned Aerial System) and RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems).

As defined by Transport Canada:

means a power-driven aircraft, other than a model aircraft *, that is designed to fly without a human operator onboard.

(* Model Aircraft – means an aircraft, the total weight of which does not exceed 35 kg (77.2 pounds), that is mechanically driven or launched into flight for recreational purposes and that is not designed to carry persons or other living creatures.)

Unmanned air vehicles exclude fireworks, kites, rockets and large unmanned free balloons.

Unmanned air vehicles are considered to be an “aircraft” under the Aeronautics Act. A UAV system is a set of configurable elements consisting of an unmanned aircraft, its associated control station(s), the required command and control (C2) links and any other elements as may be required, at any point during flight operation. UAVs are aircraft of any size that may be remotely controlled or may have an automated flight capability. UAVs are operated by a pilot controlling the UAV remotely, while the aircraft may be unmanned, the system is not.

Wikipedia – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle


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