Terminology: BVLOS

BVLOS – Beyond Visual Line of Sight.  Typically means flying an unmanned aircraft without the pilot having the UAV in visual line of sight at all times. Instead, the pilot flies the aircraft by instruments from a ground station via FPV and OSD.

Generally BVLOS flight are not permitted under standard SFOCs.
Operating Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS):

When separation or collision avoidance functions cannot be conducted by a visual observer, in accordance with section 6.2(3)(b) below, an alternative means of ensuring this capability must be used. Therefore, UAV operations will not be permitted in non-segregated airspace (airspace shared with manned aviation), BVLOS of the UAV pilot or visual observer, without an acceptable sense and avoid system to reduce the possibility/potential of a mid-air collision.

Exceptions to this policy will only be considered for:
Operations where the BVLOS portion of the flight is contained wholly within restricted airspace; or
Operations where the Certificate applicant proposes an alternate means of mitigating any collision risks (e.g. ground based radar in remote areas, etc.) which the Minister deems acceptable.

Notwithstanding (a) and (b) above, there may be situations where the risks to other airspace users may not be sufficiently mitigated and BVLOS cannot be authorized.

Due to the increased complexity of proposed BVLOS operations, Certificate applicants should expect the approvals for any such SFOCs to take longer than the standard approval times.


    1. Glad your at least finding it useful. Figured it was time to document and share all the knowledge I’ve gather over the years. And a lot of that came from our discussions over the years as well so it goes both ways 🙂


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