Terminology: Built-up Area

Built-up Area – As it relates the the Transport Canada UAV SFOC process, are considered areas with groups of buildings or dwellings including anything from small hamlets to major cities. Anything larger than a farmstead should be considered a built up area.

As defined in Advisory Circular (AC) No. 600-004

For reference: Farmstead – the buildings and adjacent service areas of a farm.


  1. Hi there! Question about this definition.
    What kind of spacing or area does this define?

    1. two houses 100m apart. Is that a ‘built-up’ area?
    2. 5 homes along a country road, with a combination of 50m and 400m apart.

    This lingo essentially excludes the majority of Southern Ontario (where I’m looking to fly), as there isn’t 5km between towns if you include any single buildings within a few hundred meters of each other…

    Gotta love how vague they make this eh.


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