Terminology: Visual Observer

Visual Observer –  As it relates the the Transport Canada UAV SFOC process, means a trained crew member, in visual line-of-sight of the UAV, who assists the pilot in the duties associated with collision avoidance and complying with the applicable rules of flight.

As defined in SI 623-001


  1. Good morning. I have a question I’m hoping you can clarify. I am living in Canada on the border on the Oshawa Ontario airport Class D zone. Approximately 4.76 miles in distance. My question is I am applying for my first SFOC and did everything that it requests for. I stated my goals for the job, it would be my house for real estate and roof inspection. Something simple to start with to get a few SFOC’s under my belt. My issue is that I would have four people to help me through this. Three people are the Scanner Visual Observers located around my property. I will be supplying them with two-way radios in case of any issues and I have my other friend to be my Visual Observer. He has not been through a physical class but I had provided him with many online responsibilities of this duties. Unfortunately, I don’t have any of my friends that are interested in commercial flying and I really don’t know what I can do to make it possible without a class taught VO. I would really appreciate your time and help with this issue. I’m very frustrated and don’t know what would be my next step.

    thanks for your time


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