Time flies…You’re the pilot…

time flys2014 was a big year for the growth of commercial UAV operations in Canada. It seen a lot of new people come into the industry and a lot of changes and confusion with new regulations from Transport Canada.

2015 promises to be an even more exciting and fast pace year for growth in the industry as rules evolve and new technologies push what we can do even farther.

There will no doubt be many ups and downs with the ongoing changes in the regulations as operators adapt and adjust, but it should also be a year where the novelty of aerial video and photos starts to go away and the focus becomes the imagery and data collection itself over the tools used to collect it.

As we grow flitelab over the coming year we hope to continue to share our journey and information and news on the industry through this blog. We feel the way forward is to not only focus on ourselves but try and give back to the industry and make it a healthy one for everyone.

Coopetition” will be a big part of the success and legitimization of the industry. It is still the wild west stage of growth and there will be those that try and push the limits and make a quick buck off things in the early stages, but the long term success will be in the hands of those that take things serious and are in it for the long haul.

Be a UAV evangelist, be professional, be a role model for the industry, show how things can be done safely and professionally, show clients the benefits that UAVs can bring to their businesses.

All the best to everyone involved in the new year.  Lets work together to help make this a safe, successful, and professional industry for all.

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.”
― Michael Altshuler

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