Drones flying high in Canada’s friendly skies

Recent article in the Montreal Gazette on the growth of drones in Canada. Overall good information although doesn’t go into much of the specifics on regulations which is a key element for commercial use.

Montreal Gazette

The vast and relatively quiet airspace above Canada has become fertile ground for the burgeoning drone industry.

Drones can be a barrier-breaking tool for businesses, and have become hugely popular among consumers, who can buy one for as little as $119 at a large electronics store — or for even less online.

But amid the excitement about technological innovation, serious concerns are being voiced about the safety of our skies. Some pilots, for example, say a lack of oversight is a disaster waiting to happen. Others warn drones could be used in terrorism attacks or to invade an individual’s privacy.

Drones are known more formally as unmanned systems, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Unmanned but not pilotless, people in the industry repeat like a mantra; drones must be directed by remote control during flight.

Excluding military applications, Canada and Australia are at the forefront of the drones industry, largely because they both have a vast and underused airspace, said…

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