The Age of the Drone – CBC-TV Documentary

ageofthedrone_1THE AGE OF THE DRONE, an eyebrow-raising new documentary reveals a game-changing revolution that’s happening overhead. The drones are here – pilotless flying bots, usually equipped with cutting-edge cameras and GPS navigation. Whether you know it or not, they’re up there – and soon there will be many, many more of them.

In a follow-up to their earlier documentary Remote Control War, a film about the military use of drones, Winnipeg filmmakers Leif Kaldor & Leslea Mair of Zoot Pictures talk about civilian and government non-military applications of drones.Listen to an interview.

Drones are a cutting-edge growth industry. More drones are sold every three months than the entire US military uses.  In Canada, Ottawa’s ING Robotic Aviation and Kitchener-Waterloo’s Aeryon Labs, both featured in THE AGE OF THE DRONE, are players in this huge new business. By 2020 the US Federal Aviation Agency anticipates more than 20,000 drones will be in the air in North America – and that doesn’t even include amateur operators. Get used to it: drones will be everywhere.

Click here to watch.

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