Solace Power Takes Aim At Wireless Mid-Flight Charging For Drones

Nice to see this involves a Canadian company.


A small startup operating out of Newfoundland in Canada is working on a big problem that could have tremendous impact on the future of the drone industry. In partnership with Boeing, Solace Power will expand the viability and efficacy of a system it developed for recharging unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) wirelessly, using energy transmitters that communicate across distances with receivers on drones to keep said gadgets in the air for longer periods of time without requiring the kind of landing and battery swap operation or physical contact charge that most currently require.

The startup has been operating mostly under the radar thus far (GET IT??) but this week it announced investment from Industry Canada, an official government investing body that has providing funding assistance through Boeing to help develop the tech in order to serve Canada’s military procurement needs.

Solace uses ‘resonant capacitive coupling,’ which is derived from the original…

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