USC-STC Winter 2015 UAS Operator Survey

Media Release Unmanned Systems Canada
Date: 16 March 2015
Subject: USC-STC Winter 2015 UAS Operator Survey

Following the significant changes in UAS regulations put in place by Transport Canada in November 2014, there have been numerous questions and inquiries from the membership of Unmanned Systems Canada – Systèmes Télécommandés Canada. In response, USC-STC conducted an open survey of Canadian UAS Operators to gather their collective opinions on the current regulatory environment and on where USC-STC should place priority for action. The results of this survey will be central in future discussions between our association and Transport Canada.

We are pleased to release the results of this survey (USC-STC Winter 2015 Operator Survey Final Results – March 2015) to the public at this time. While the document provides a summary of the key messages and conclusions that can be drawn from the survey results, the underlying message from the survey, and member correspondence with USC-STC, is:
While the Canadian regulatory environment for UAS continues to slowly improve, all stakeholders must persist in working together to maintain this momentum and forge a path to address current shortcomings.

Unmanned Systems Canada is the focal point for unmanned vehicle systems (UVS) in Canada. We are a Canadian-registered not-for-profit association with over 500 members, representing the interests of the UVS community.

For further information contact:
Susan Chapman:
Office: +1 613-271-1849 Mobile: +1 613-614-3724
Robert Kendall, Executive Director:
Office: +1-613-526-5487 Mobile: +1-613-406-5005

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