Freefly Alta Drone with Top-Mounted Gimbal at NAB 2015

In this episode, the Roswell Flight Test Crew speaks with Nick Hegge, Marketing Director for Freefly Systems about the company’s new folding hexacopter, the Alta. Most notable among its new features is the fact that the three-axis camera gimbal can be mounted either above, or below, its airframe. It also incorporates Freefly’s new Synapse flight control system, optimized for aerial cinematography and is capable of carrying a 15-pound payload with 14 minutes of flying time. The Movi M-15 gimbal is controlled by the Freefly Wedge, a three-channel focus, iris and zoom camera remote, which also includes a screen to view a live video feed from the aircraft. Selling for $8,500, the Alta is expected to begin shipping in June.

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