Ottawa-based course teaches you how to fly an unmanned aerial vehicle

I think we will soon see many more training offerings as the UAV sector grows. Right now it is a critical missing element.

Ottawa Citizen

ING Robotic Aviation and Ottawa Aviation Services have partnered to offer a professional Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator’s Course, according to a news release from ING Robotic.

The first 7 day course will take place in Ottawa starting June 8. 

Successful completion of the course, according to the firm, allows the student to:

  • meet the Transport Canada Knowledge Requirements for UAV operators
  • be fully familiar with both single and multi-rotor flight operations (fixed wing and rotorcraft)
  • be familiarized with mission planning and commercial UAV operations
  • be eligible for full or part-time employment as an operator with ING Robotic Aviation
  • meet critical requirements for being able to secure Flight Operation Certificates in the future.
  • More details from ING:

The seven day course will provide an opportunity for interested candidates to learn the fundamentals of operating a robotic aircraft, or drone. The program will consist of comprehensive theory of flight as well as…

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