Transport Canada investigates viral Ottawa ‘drone attack’ video

It is good to see some investigation being made by Transport Canada on this. Commercial operators are held to much higher standards and restrictions over recreational users but in the end the actions of a few can impact all of us with local governments looking into restrictions and bans on UAV use in many areas.

Ottawa Citizen

The three men from Constance Bay whose YouTube video of a drone attacking them with fireworks have now caught heat from Transport Canada.

Andy Stewart, his brother Jason and their buddy Matt Trueman are the daredevils whose aerial mischief caught the Internet’s attention after Andy Stewart mounted Roman candles on a camera-equipped drone and pursued his brother and friend with it while launching the fireworks at them. He then uploaded the GoPro video to YouTube.

The clip, which runs around 90 seconds, shows one of the targets lighting fireworks on the drone before rushing out onto the snowy surface of the frozen bay, the drone in hot pursuit.

The video has been viewed more than a million times.

“It’s pretty cool,” Stewart told the Citizen on Wednesday. “I just like making videos and like editing it, and if I can get some recognition from it, that’s a bonus. I just enjoy videotaping all…

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