UAV SFOC Application Checklist – Restricted Operator

We recently posted a checklist that had been created by the Transport Canada Pacific Region to assist SFOC applicants.  This checklist has since been revised and an updated copy was sent to us by one of the inspectors to share with our readers.

I wanted to provide you with a checklist that was developed for applicants in the Pacific Region that is to be used in accordance with SI-623-001, Issue 2.  If applicants submit this checklist with their SFOC application, our hope is that it will minimize the back and forth with a client and reduce the overall SFOC processing time.  Feel free to make this checklist available to your readers.


PDF: rdims-10641581-v2-document_-_uav_sfoc_check_list_guidelines_-_2015_05_05

Special thank you to the Pacific Region for making this available for us to share out to the Canadian commercial UAV operator community.


  1. The ‘checklist’ link at the top of this post is not valid. The link is: http://UAV%20SFOC%20Check%20List%20Form

    The ‘%20’ being a word-space in web terms. This is illegal in a web address.

    Also, could I respectfully suggest that you post a link to a PDF version of the checklist guide lines document – rather than the Word original. Some people don’t have the correct version to be able to open it. Almost everyone on the planet can open a PDF – or obtain the software to be able to read it.

    I have a suitable version of Word and have made a PDF if you would like me to send it for inclusion on your site?


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