Alternate Presentation of TC NPA for UAVs

unmannedAlternate Presentation of the Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) for Unmanned Air Vehicles

By: Kris Ellis Director – Unmanned Systems Canada

On May 28th 2015 Transport Canada released a Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) to establish comprehensive and accelerated rulemaking for unmanned aircraft not exceeding 25 kg that are operated within Visual Line of Sight (VLOS). The NPA spans 33 pages with much of the material being redundant across the three classes of UAV operation. Objectives:  This document attempts to present the NPA material with alternative formatting in order to better highlight the differences between the three proposed categories of UAV operations. It is hoped that this document will serve as a starting point for understanding the full scope of the NPA and therefore generate more informed feedback and comments.  Additionally, this document has been prepared to highlight the areas where Transport Canada has specifically requested feedback and comments. This document presents an objective and impartial re-presentation of the NPA material. Unmanned Systems Canada is undertaking a parallel effort to develop an opinion and comment document in order to initiate and focus discussion surrounding the proposed rules and the specific areas in which Transport Canada requests feedback.

View the full document here.

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