Terminology: FIC and FSS

FIC – Flight Information Centre

FSS – Flight Service Station

As per the Canadian NOTAM Procedures Manual

FIC and FSS are the points of contact for pilots and other users to obtain NOTAM information. Although NAV CANADA provides NOTAM applicable to flight operations within Canadian Domestic Airspace via the internet, such service may not provide all pertinent NOTAM information for a flight. Pilots and other users are advised to contact a FIC to obtain all pertinent NOTAM information

FIC and FSS units are responsible for issuing NOTAM information for air navigation facilities and services within their area of responsibility. FIC or FSS units receiving a report from a pilot or any other reliable source concerning a condition or malfunction of an air navigation facility not within their jurisdiction are responsible to relay the report to the appropriate issuing unit. FIC or FSS will advise the originator of a proposed NOTAMJ, or of a proposed NOTAM for an air navigation facility or a service, not within their area of responsibility, to directly contact the appropriate NOTAM issuing site. Flight Service Specialists are responsible for reviewing the information submitted by the NOTAM originator to ensure it meets the criteria specified in this manual. They will challenge the NOTAM originator and point out if a proposed NOTAM does not meet the criteria for AFTN dissemination or if information is missing. Flight Service Specialists must not change the content of a NOTAM without the consent of the originator. If a disagreement should arise and the matter cannot be resolved at the local level, and the originator insists on having the information disseminated by AFTN, Flight Service Specialists will issue the NOTAM as submitted and refer the matter to the NOF.

FIC and FSS are the focal points within Canada for the collection and entry of NOTAM. A NOTAM is disseminated on the AFTN or by voice advisory using radio communication. Canadian NOTAMs are distributed to FIC, FSS and other users on the AFTN. The distribution is tailored to specific user requirements.

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