Transport Canada UAV NPA – Get Your Comments In!

commentsOn May 28th 2015 Transport Canada released the Notice of Proposed Amendment – Unmanned Air Vehicles outlining proposed new regulations for UAVs in Canada. As part of the process there are a series of rountables across the country with key stakeholders and a period for comment to get feedback from the industry.

Transport Canada invites stakeholder comments through this Notice of Proposed Amendment that the
department will share with members of the Canadian Aviation Regulation Advisory Council
comprised of approximately 570 representatives of aviation associations, airlines, manufacturers,
maintenance organizations, airports, provincial and federal departments, foreign aviation safety
authorities and unions.

In recognition that the target audience for this consultation is broader than the aviation industry, Transport Canada also invites members of the public to comment. Transport Canada will:
– publicize this NPA on its social media channels (Twitter and Facebook).
– consider comments as it proceeds with drafting the amendments to the regulations and standards.

Transport Canada will then publish proposed regulations in the Canada Gazette, where stakeholders and Canadians will have the opportunity to provide additional comments.

I urge everyone involved in the Canadian UAV industry to get your comments in ASAP.  Transport Canada wants to hear from the industry and it’s participants and this is our opportunity. The more feedback they get the better they can tailor the new regulations to address the needs and concerns of everyone.

Speak up now, it is your chance to have a say and be heard.

We will be submitting and posting our comments to the blog in the coming weeks.

NPA comments need to be submitted by August 28 2015, after this date, Transport Canada will not consider comments for further revisions to the regulations and standards.

They must be sent to

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