Built In Drone Flight Restrictions – The Good & Bad

As drone technology evolves the systems are developing rapidly to address not only flight control and piloting related functionality but also safety factors as well.

no fly zoneDJI is probably the most well known for these features with their Fly Safe built in no fly zone restrictions.  These restrictions help prevent people from flying in areas that should be off limits to most drone operations.

However these same built in restrictions also can lead to people depending on them too much and assuming the system will manage all safety concerns for them.  There is a growing attitude with some new drone owners that “if the system lets me fly then it is safe”.  A scary attitude when you consider how few aerodromes the DJI system actually contains, especially areas outside the US. Plus regardless of the airspace one must always pay attention and monitor the skies for other aircraft in the area, something these built in systems are far from automating as sense & avoid is still much in the development phase.

Any other issue with the restrictions is that they limit use for those with permission to fly within those controlled zones.  A local RC flying club even has a field located on the runway of an area designated as a No Fly area by DJI, which makes it impossible to use their system at the club despite all the proper safety precautions and permissions being put in place.

Technology has the power to provide a huge benefit in regards to drone safety but it can never be depended on 100%, there will always be other factors to account for that software simple cannot handle.  It is a shared airspace and everyone needs to take personal responsibility for operating within it to ensure safety for all.


  1. Thanks for pointing this out… I think retailers need to take more responsibility to point out the regulations and highlight either MAAC or Transport Canada as places to get information on how to fly safely.


    1. Some retailers are starting to do just that and I know Transport Canada is working with them to try and get this information out there to the general public, but is is a slow process that really can’t keep up with all the new pilots.


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