DJI Inspire 1 vs Phantom 3 Professional

Another good Phantom vs Inspire comparison article.


The Inspire 1 has served me very well. It is extremely sturdy, powerful and reliable. It is the Lamborghiniof prosumer-drones.After 2 months flying on the Inspire 1, I decided to get a Phantom 3 Professional (P3P) last week. I had a short encounter with the new P3Pwhen I was in Singapore 2 weeks ago. My new drone buddy, Alvin took his P3P for a night flight around Marina Bay Sands. I was intrigued by its amazing video quality and lightweight.

Back in Hong Kong, I took my new P3P out for a test flight at the Hong Kong Peak Garden. Small, light and nimble, I was verysurprised that it was able to tackle the strong high wind without much drifting problem. I did noticed some minor vibrations during landing and mid air turning but those were minor. I handed the controlto Tracy who was new to drone flying. Within minutes…

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