Vancouver Flight Information Region Uav Best Practices For Air Traffic Services Coordination

Vancouver Flight Information Region UAV Best Practices For Air Traffic Services Coordination


2.1 NAV CANADA, in seeking to collaborate and coordinate with UAV operators in the interest of flight safety, has prepared this document to outline and address issues unique to UAV operations, within the perspective of Air Traffic Control and Air Navigation Services.

2.2 Within the Vancouver Flight Information Region (VR FIR), NAV CANADA will furnish upon request a VANCOUVER FLIGHT INFORMATION REGION UAV BEST PRACTICES FOR AIR TRAFFIC SERVICES COORDINATION document for all UAV users with a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) registered with the VR FIR.

2.3 As each SFOC and operator has distinctly different requirements and parameters, this will better serve the UAV community in safely coordinating with NAV CANADA.

2.4 This document shall serve to coordinate and communicate across the Vancouver Flight Information Region the following generic UAV issues;

  • ATC Expectations,

  • Coordination and communication expectations,

  • Emergency contact information, and Location of additional aviation safety relevant data and resources.


The document was provided to us by Calvin Reich of Capri Insurance.  We thank him for passing this along to share with our readers.


  1. Very useful document. I wish all regions around major airports had one.

    I did note the comment about users and fees. A harbinger of things to come?


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