NAV CANADA FIC Contact Numbers

For weather briefings, NOTAMs, and assistance filing a flight plan,  contact NAV CANADA, which operates eight Flight Information Centres (FIC) across Canada.


For access to services provided by the FIC, the following telephone numbers are
available toll-free within Canada only: 1-866-WXBRIEF (1-866-992-7433)

Calls to this number are routed to the FIC that serves the area from where the call originates.

Direct telephone numbers to specific FICs:

  • Kamloops FIC 1-866-541-4101
  • Edmonton FIC 1-866-541-4102
  • Winnipeg FIC 1-866-541-4103
  • London FIC 1-866-541-4104
  • Québec FIC (bilingual service) 1-866-541-4105
  • Halifax FIC 1-866-541-4106
  • Whitehorse FIC 1-866-541-4107
  • North Bay FIC 1-866-541-4109

NAV CANADA is a private, not-for-profit corporation responsible for providing civil air navigation services in Canada. Through its coast-to-coast operations, NAV CANADA provides Air Traffic Control (ATC), flight information, weather briefings, aeronautical information, airport advisory services, and electronic navigation aids. Refer to:

Source: Aviation Weather Services Guide – Nav Canada

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