More updates from Transport Canada for PNR Region…


To all PNR SFOC UAV Certificate Holders

Please be advised that the email address and contact numbers for the Edmonton FIR UAV desk have changed. Please use the following numbers/email address for coordination of all UAV flights within the Edmonton FIR:

Edmonton FIR UAV Desk
Edmonton Area Control Centre
 Planning 1: 866-992-7433
Planning 2: 780-890-4739
Emergency 1: 780-890-8397
Emergency 2: 780-890-4739

Hours: Mon-Fri 0730-1530 MDT Excl.Statutory Holidays

If you have any questions, please email PNRSpecialFlightOps@tc.gc.ca

Additionally, PNR Special Flight Operations has recently introduced a streamlined application process for UAV operators in PNR. Please send an email to PNRSpecialFlightOps@tc.gc.ca and the autoreply will provide you with the three most current application options.

Thank you for your time in this matter.

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