Canadian Aviation Chart Resources

shearwaterOne of the most important factors when planning a UAV operation is knowing what airspace you are operating in.  The classification of the airspace impacts if and how you can operate and what coordination may be required with managing agencies such as Nav Canada and the local ATC.

The following list of resources will help to that end:

  • Paper VNC sectional charts are available from a number of sources online such as Aircraft Spruce Canada.  Having a paper chart on hand in your field kit is a good resource for when you may not have access to electronic versions.
  • Designated Airspace Handbook Official source of Canadian aeronautical data.
  • Canadian Airspace Viewer Free resource from Peter Spear based on the Canadian Airspace Handbook.
  • NRC UAV Site Selection Tool An interactive map intended to help UAV operators select sites away from aerodromes and built-up areas.
  • SkyVector Provider of world-wide aeronautical charts, online mapping and related flight planning products and services
  • ForeFlight Mobile EFB – ForeFlight Award winning and most widely used flight planning and electronic flight bag app for iPad and iPhone. Individual pilots and professional flight crews all over the world use ForeFlight to plan and file flight plans, access preflight and in-flight weather, download and view electronic charts and maps, manage flight publications, log flight time, and more.


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