Proposed Canadian UAV Regs Review – Flying Near/Over People

One the biggest restrictions under current UAV SFOC conditions is the requirement to maintain 100′ lateral distance from people and no overflights of crowds.

Under the proposed new regulations things have opened up a bit, within specific speed and altitude parameters, when operating under the small complex operations class:

As per:

Operate at least 100 feet (30.48 m) from a person. A distance of less than 100 feet would be possible for operations if conditions such as a maximum allowed speed of 10 knots (11.5 mph) and a minimum altitude of 100 feet are respected;

Operate over or within open-air assemblies of persons if operated at an altitude of greater than 300 feet, but less than 400 feet, and from which, in the event of an emergency necessitating an immediate landing, it would be possible to land the aircraft without creating a hazard to persons or property on the surface;

This is a welcome change, however given the nature of the parameters we do see this easily being exploited and unenforceable.

EDIT – Aug 17 2017: During a recent Transport Canada session on the new regulations it was noted that to fly over people the UAV must be able to glide in the event of a failure.  This implies multicoipters would NOT be allowed to fly over crowds.  An example was given of a Sensefly eBee.  As per the presentation slide material:

“Flight over open air assembly of persons only above 300ft and UA can glide clear

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