PNR SFOCs – Checklists are Back

After a period of all regions being fairly consistent on the use of the National SFOC Application Form across the country, PNR has reintroduced a new checklist form that is now mandatory as part of the application process.

The following was received from one of our clients on Oct 19 2018 as part of a recent Standing SFOC renewal application.

We are experiencing a backlog in our processing at the moment and our processing times are higher than usual.

In order to help speed up the review process we ask you to complete this checklist.  This will help with the amount of time it takes to find all of the important information within your SFOC application form.

Your application for issuance of an SFOC for the operation of a UAV is currently in the queue and will be assigned to a Civil Aviation Inspector for review as soon as resources allow.  Please find attached a checklist of required information that the Inspectors will be looking for in order to approve your application.  In order to expedite the application process, you need to complete the checklist prior to the file being considered complete for assignment to an Inspector.  The instructions are clearly laid out at the top of the page.  You MUST respond to every item on the checklist.  Where the answer checked is YES, provide the document name and page number where the information required can be found.  Where the answer checked is NO or N/A, provide a comment explaining why your application does not include the information. Note that each item contains a reference where further information/elaboration can be found.  Additionally, there is a short section of guidance material at the bottom of the document which should clarify some of the more common issues/questions.

Please send this completed checklist to and upon receipt, your application will be assigned to the next available Inspector.  If you have any questions or require clarification, email and we will respond as soon as possible.

Form can be found here:

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