New Canadian Drone Regulations – Foreign Operators

Under the new Canadian drone regulations, that come into effect June 1 2019, non Canadian foreign operators will be required to have an SFOC in place.  The Basic and Advanced permits do not apply.

As per the new regulations outlined in CG2:

Canada has not identified reciprocal foreign operator privileges with the United States. The FAA requires foreign commercial operators to register their RPAS in the country in which they are eligible to register and obtain operating authority from the Department of Transportation. In Canada, foreign operators are eligible to apply for a SFOC providing they are legally entitled to conduct the same operation in their own country. They need to provide evidence of such approvals when they apply for a SFOC.


Subpart 3 — Special Flight
Operations — Remotely Piloted
Aircraft Systems
903.01 No person shall conduct any of the following operations using a remotely piloted aircraft system that includes a remotely piloted aircraft having a maximum take-off weight of 250 g (0.55 pounds) or more unless the person complies with the provisions of a special flight operations certificate — RPAS issued by the Minister under section 903.03:

(c) the operation of a system by a foreign operator or pilot who has been authorized to operate remotely piloted aircraft systems by the foreign state;

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