Apps for Nav Canada Chart & Flight Data

When it comes to drone use in Canada, an important element is proper planning and site survey is to ensure you know the airspace and what is around the location in terms of potential dangers or areas to watch, such as aerodromes, helipads.

While paper charts are a great source to have on hand, more and more in today’s world we prefer the convenience of electronic information, with numerous apps for mobile devices offering charts, NOTAMs, weather, checklists and other useful information in the palm of our hand.

There are many apps available, however not all use data from the official source of Nav Canada, and as such may not be 100% reliable or accurate, as they rely on third-party data, such as from the US or other free sources.

For the most reliable information, it is always best to use the official source – Nav Canada lists the distributors that use their data here for those looking for options: 

As with anything be sure to research before you buy to get the most reliable information possible.


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