Advisory Circular

UAV SFOC Exemptions “For Dummies”

tc-exemptionOver the last number of weeks since Transport Canada’s (TC) first announcement of the new UAV exemptions we have seen a number of people stating things that were less than accurate, based on how they interpreted the exemptions.  Much of this comes from how they were rolled out, with the details being left to last and often not noted in full.

If you merely review the Infographic it would seem to indicate that commercial use under 2kg is fairly open and free for anyone and 2-25kg is much this same with the addition of needing to submit a form stating a summary of where and when the operation is to take place.

The devil in the details however is this small part of the Infographic – you must meet the exemption requirements. Those requirements are spelled out in simple form on the second page of the Infographic, but the full specifics are in the Advisory Circular (AC) No. 600-004.  You need to reference this publication in order to see the full specifics of the exemption requirements. The flowchart and related press releases on the topic do not go into the full details. (more…)

Transport Canada UAV Full Exemption Details

The full details on the recently released exemptions for UAV use by Transport Canada have now been pushed on their website and can be found here Advisory Circular (AC) No. 600-004

An Advisory Circular (AC) provides information and guidance with regards to a specific issue or law. In this case, it provides general guidance, safety practices and explanatory information for operators of unmanned air vehicle (UAV) systems operating under an exemption to Sections 602.41 and 603.66 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs).

This new document further defines the previous press releases and info-graphic on thew new under 2kg and 2-25kg exemptions.

The main restrictions that may limit their use for many operators are the distance requirements from airports and built up areas:

The pilot operating under this exemption shall only operate a UAV at least five (5) nautical miles away from the centre of any aerodrome.

The pilot operating under this exemption shall only operate a UAV at least five (5) nautical miles away from a built-up area.