UAV Regulatory Balance

regulationsThe current state of UAV regulations around the world is in a constant state of flux to say the least.  Currently it ranges from complete free for alls to all out bans on any use.  The understanding of what rules do exist is also all across the map.  In Canada for example the recent changes on exemptions has caused as much confusion as it has clarity.  We have seen comments from people thinking that the new rules allow anyone to operator anywhere at anytime if they are under 2kgs, through to posts stating the new rules are part of a fascist police state controlled by Transport Canada and preventing even recreational hobby use.  Somewhere in all the noise and extremes is the truth and reality.

Regulators are in a tough position, trying to balance safety with innovation.  The potential for a major accident exists as the use of UAVs grow, and the accessibility of these aircraft, both hobby and commercial puts them into the hands of many people that may not have a background in aviation or even hobby RC. The rule makers have to work for the great public safety and unfortunately common sense is not common enough for many to self regulate or understand the safety issues involved with flying such aircraft. (more…)