UAV SFOC How To – Part 4 Where is the Application Form?

FormOne of the most asked questions we get is “where can we find the SFOC application form?”  The simple answer is there is no form.  There is also no defined format for the application.

Every applicant creates their own document outlining the details specific to their operation in the format they prefer. There is no defined order to the information either.  However logic should be applied to make it as clear and straight forward to understand as possible.  The more clear and concise the document the better your chance at it being understood and hopefully approved.

In order to apply for an SFOC, Certificate applicants will be required to create and submit an application in accordance with this SI. Prior to submitting an SFOC application the applicant is expected to assess the risks involved with the proposed operation and include appropriate mitigation measures as part of the application.

What may be confusing is mention of section 7.7 Standard Format for SFOC Cover Letter and 7.8 Standard Format for the SFOC being related to the application, however this is in reference to the letter and certificate the operator will receive from TC, not what they submit. (more…)